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Mongolia pursues a liberal visa policy for visitors, both official and private. Tourists travelling to Mongolia and planning to stay 30 days or below do not need an invitation or other proof of intention. Travellers who demand for multi-entry visa or long-stay visa with period over 30 days or those who will visit the country for non-touristic purpose are required to obtain authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia through their host in Mongolia.


Documents to present Bank Account

  1. A valid, original passport
  2. Application form ( click here to download Mongolian_visa_application_form ) can be filled online or handwritten and duly signed.
  3. One photo (attached to the application form)
  4. Copy of airplane or train ticket or reservation confirmation
  5. Hotel reservation, address of the place of stay
  6. Letter of employment, documents showing the ability to financially support (if required)
  7. Group travelers should present the letter from the inviting organization and the request of the sending organization
  8. Visa fee payment proof. Visa fee payment should be effectuated via bank transfer or at the post office. No cash.
  9. Self-addressed envelope with stamp for registered mail (if applying by post)


  1. Copy of resident permit/card for holders of a passport other than Swiss.
  2. Travellers by vehicle (car, bus) present:
     itinerary / map plan;
     vehicle owning license /certificate;
     vehicle not-for-sale declaration form (available at the Customs of Mongolia);
  3. 8. Travellers with pet should present:
     pet passport/travel document;
     pet medical/vaccination booklet;
     pet not-for-sale declaration form (available at the Customs of Mongolia);
  4. Dependent(s) of a citizen of Mongolia should present below documents in order to exempt of visa fee (shall pay only Service Charge).
     Copy of Family booklet, proving relationship with citizen of Mongolia;
     Copy of National ID card or Passport of a citizen of Mongolia;
BENEFICIARY:Permanent Mission of Mongolia to the UN

ADDRESS: Chemin des Mollies 4, 1293 Bellevue GE

IBAN:CH 09 0024 0240 3815 8000 W






Visa Fees(in Swiss Francs) Single Entry Double Entries Multiple Entries Single Transit
Tariff 80.00 160.00 240.00 70.00
Service Charge ³ 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
Total Charge 90.00 170.00 250.00 80.00


The visa application is processed normally within 3-5 working days upon reception of complete file.
It may vary depending on the volume of demand during tourist high season.


FAQ based Additional Advice


  • Visa fee rate varies depending on number of entry/exit and has no difference depending on age.


  • Dependent(s) / child(ren) of a citizen of Mongolia shall be exempt of Visa fee and pay only Service Charge.


  • Visa validity period is 90 days from the date of issue, during which traveller should enter the country.


  • The short-term 30-day visa can be extended one time for maximum of 30 additional days in Ulaanbaatar at the Immigration & Naturalization Office of Mongolia.


  • Travelers planning Trans-Siberian transit via Russia-Mongolia-China advised to double check visa regime of Russia and China at respective representatives of those countries.


  • Traveling to and through Mongolia by vehicle (car, truck, bus) is challenging. However, if you have already obtained entry-exit permits and customs clearance for Russia or China, the customs of Mongolia would process your documentation at the border, i.e. no need to apply in advance. But be aware that you might wait up to 24 hours at the border. To drive in and through Mongolia, you must have an itinerary plan to present to police when asked.


Consular Section’s Working Hours:  From Monday to Thursday, between 10h00-12h00 and 14h30-16h30.


Mongolian National Holidays in 2018 (on those days Embassy is closed):

1 January – New Year Day;

16-18 February – Mongolian Lunar New Year;

8 March – International Women’s Day;

1 June – Children’s Day;

11-15 July – Mongolian National Naadam Festival;

8 November – National Pride Day;

26 November – Republic Day;

29 December – National Independence Day;


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